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8 Must-Watch Software Development Trends in 2021

ishawnmike profile image Shawn Mike ・4 min read

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2020 was indeed a wild rollercoaster ride. From ups to the lows, the year brought plenty of surprises for us. Some of these surprises let us down, while some of these gave us the right reasons to hold on. And of course, technology happens to be one of the central aspects of these surprises.
With that said, let us have a sneak peek at what 2021 might hold for us. Below, we have listed down the eight most exciting software development trends that you ought to look out for! You know, the software’s changing the game these days!

1. One step forward in the Internet of Things

The internet of things has been an ever-growing and expanding giant in the software development industry. From smart homes to trackers, the internet of things has greatly changed the world.
It has made the world what we now like to call the smart world. The IoT has connected and interconnected world affairs in a complex yet highly-efficient web.

And, with its usefulness, the technology is not going anywhere in 2021. Instead, we expect to see several great developments where the internet of things takes a deeper dive into software development.

Perhaps, software development engineers will merge it with artificial intelligence and big data to produce even better software. A 2018 Bain and Co. report predicted the IoT hardware to grow the industry to $520 billion in 2021. So, one thing’s certain, the IoT is only going to grow in the upcoming year.

2. Big time Data Computation

Even in 2021, Big Data Computation is going to surface as a leading trend. However, in the coming times, we expect further advancement in tools. Along with that, there may be an increase in the availability of recent advancements. We expect that tools that immediately execute processes in memory instead of storing data after all calculations will become more common.

When it comes to the data of social media, document analysis, text analysis, and other data of similar nature, we expect to see batch processing frameworks becoming common. Big data computation is likely to become one of the best investment domains in 2021.

3. Web Apps take the lead

For years, people have looked forward to their massive monitors and laptops to access information. These old-fashioned devices have remained the fundamental source, whether it be browsing a particular 60% keyboard on Amazon or finding a specific article.
Even today, people prefer these due to full-fledged screens and better visual experience. However, the websites are awful at performance, functionality, and loading time.

To cater to this need, software engineers have recently introduced web apps. These web apps function somewhat like mobile apps, though via the web browser.

The web apps offer easier access, excellent performance, lesser data usage, shorter loading time, and more interactivity. Hence, improving user experience. In 2021, we expect progress in web apps with much more efficiency for big-screen users.

4. Enhance the Human

Do you remember those high-tech sci-fi movies we used to watch in our childhoods? Well, these technologies are becoming a reality.
Over the years, engineers have been working on enhancing the natural abilities and skill set of an average human. These Human 2.0 technologies are present in the form of body implantation devices.

When implanted, these devices function to augment the sight, hearing, and even exoskeletons. There are unimaginable possibilities as to how this can increase the capacity of a regular human.

In the coming year, we expect the software industry to progress its work into human enhancement. One current example includes Google Glass.

5. Cloud-software technology becomes more complex

Cloud software technology could never have been as useful as during the pandemic. When the global pandemic hit, there was only one way to work that was remote means.

People from all the industries were getting the work done through digital methods. And, with the global digital shift, data security experienced a greater risk of theft. Plus, information transfer and communication were a bigger challenge in itself.

Having experienced a tough time, we are expecting much more advanced variants of cloud software technologies.

These complex systems would ensure smooth and fluid data transfer. Also, the upgrades in technology would secure confidential data from potential theft and stealing.

6. Artificial Intelligence increases

Similar to IoT, artificial intelligence has been in the software development trends since its existence. It is perhaps one of the most powerful and widespread technologies present today.

Hence, artificial intelligence is going to stick around in 2021 too. There can be an increase in machine learning, exploring the depths of phenomes, and processing to make the current system better.

7. Quantum Technology enters the market

By now, you must've heard the term quantum technology a hundred million times. The buzz is practically in the air! You know it's going to be something super amazing and super-advanced, something that leaves the current computing tech years behind. But coming to think of it, do you know what it's all about?

Well, it's a step ahead of the most advanced type of computers existing today, i.e., supercomputers. These computers have simpler architecture as compared to conventional computers, and they can perform more tasks within a specific time.

That's because they use qubits as a basic unit of information. Hence, in these systems, ones and zeros can simultaneously exist. Thus, eliminating the tunnel effect, which is a major limitation of the present-day nanometric scale programming.

As of yet, these are only for scientific and corporate use. But 2021 may bring the technology to the consumer market.

8. Hybrid Development a possibility

Native apps offer limited functionality and limit user experience. For this very reason, we see combos of tech, known as hybrids, rising to the surface. The combinations offer the combined benefits of both.

Thus, we expect hybrid models of software to dominate the industry in the coming year. The hybrid model of software development combines two or more apps and also often rely on web technology. Hence, offering an even more diverse experience.

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