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Inline Keyboards And Menus | Telegram Bot Development | Part 2

Telegram bot development using node.js and Telegraf API.

What you will learn:

  • Inline Keyboards and creating menus.
  • Callback_query and handling with bot.action() .
  • async/await.
  • And a lot more.


  • Please watch Part 1.
  • Basic Programming (everything will be taught from basics).
  • Telegram Account.

Example Bot:
Search for @covid_19_india_bot on telegram or click here

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firasRihan • Edited

Hello, your tutorial is awesome, but I have a question, my bot is made for a smart irrigation system to water gardens, but if the user is contacting the bot for the first time then the bot will ask the user to enter an ID and password pre given of their system to let them connect to it using the database. but the problem is that I couldn't find a command or method that waits for the user to enter the id and save it in a variable just after asking him to enter it. My question is how to read from a user? could you please help?