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re: I'm sorry, but I don't quite get what you mean. Can you help me out here?

If you find yourself in a situation where it matters whether you write x++ or ++x then maybe you should first consider writing more readable code instead of compact one

Ah, now I catch your drift. You're definitely not wrong in that regard. 🙂

Also, this post has anything to do with my previous one. Just wanted to share some information on an overlooked feature of the language. That's why I said, "If we want to go crazier," at some point in the article. Compacting the code in a single arrow function is just for those who are crazy and confident enough to do it (like me). I'm a pretty crazy person now that I think about it. I should chill myself out.

Meh, I'm still going to write more articles in the future that introduce crazy syntax and shortcuts when I feel like it. Who knows? Perhaps a maintainer of a minification algorithm would see my articles and improve his/her algorithm just a slight bit more. Every bit counts when you're minifying...

Yeah I mean some optimisation are good and some are detrimental to understanding. However I think arrow functions is the first kind :)

Right you are, my friend! 😉 One has to crawl before they could walk. In this case, one has to type function() {} before they could type () => {}.

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