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A bunch of inspirations for programmers

About this post

I've seen a lot of people ask "What projects should I make next?". A lot of people are in need of inspiration and I want to help them to find it fast.

The most popular post on DEV of all time shows 8 frontend projects that someone can build. That shows how much people need inspiration on what to build.

I want you to share any ideas of great project that programmers should build. I want this post to be a reference to others out of inspiration where they can come back and just build the first project that comes to them.

If you have an idea (or some ideas) of a great project that a developer should make, post it in the comments and I will the project you suggested and your name in this post.


Frontend Projects & Ideas

  • Personal Portfolio
  • Chatroom UI/UX
  • Create a new website skin/theme for
  • Landing Page UI
  • Survey Form

Tools: HTML/CSS/JS, React, Redux, Jquery, Bootstrap, Angular, Tailwind CSS, FontAwesome, Google Fonts, VueJS, etc.

Fullstack Projects & Ideas

  • Image Uploader
  • Unsplash Clone
  • Coding Website (Codepen clone)
  • Website simillar to
  • Project sharing site
  • Social Media Site
  • facebook/twitter/reddit clone
  • e-commerce site
  • Voting/Polling app
  • Authentication App
  • Hackathon Hosting Site
  • Slack/Discord clone
  • Domain Name Registrar
  • Code teaching site (like codecademy or freecodecamp)
  • Email site (like Gmail, Yahoo, Protonmail, etc)

Tools: See frontend tools above, SQL, NodeJS, Flask, Django, Go, etc.

Game development Ideas

  • Tower Defense
  • Platformer
  • First Person Shooter
  • RPG
  • Sniper game

Tools: HTML/CSS/JS, P5.js, PhaserJS, Zim, WEBGL, ThreeJS, BabylonJS, UnityWebGL, etc.


  • Search autocomplete engine
  • Palindrome Checker
  • Cipher / Secret Code Encryptor
  • Morse Code translator
  • Weight Converter
  • Calculator
  • Currency Converter
  • Text Adventure / RPG
  • Markdown Previewer
  • Javascript Editor
  • HTML/CSS/JS Editor & output

Tools: Javascript, Python, C/C#/C++, etc.

Data Science & Machine Learning

  • Image Classifier
  • Trend Tracking Device
  • Weather App

Tools: Python, SQL, Tableu, R, etc.


  • New programming language

Tools: any

Contributors / Credits

If you come up with an idea and I add it to this post, you will be listed here

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MiguelMJ • Edited on

Some projects that I have implemented and some that I haven't yet but I want to.


  • A bot to set reminders with the Telegram API.
  • A side-project tracking application.
  • A template engine (like Jinja). You can use it in other projects like:
  • A bot to digest the feed of you social media accounts (use several APIs and RSS feeds).


  • Pathfinding algorithms in grid based worlds (Dijkstra, A*)
  • A random generator of characters, maps or plots.
  • The Game of Life.
  • Chess.


  • A visualizer of data structures/algorithms.
  • A sound/music table application (great if you host RP campaigns).
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IroncladDev Author

Great! I'll add these!