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I built LLMArena: a tool to create and share side-by-side LLM Comparisons

LLM Arena is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to share beautiful side-by-side LLM Comparisons.

It ain't much if you don't try it out for yourself.

Demo video & How to use:
Live Website: πŸ”—

Originally an idea by Amjad Masad (CEO and founder of Replit), I set out to build a tool where you could compare LLMs side-by-side in December, 2023.

After six months, rewriting the codebase multiple times, and endless hours of brainstorming and debugging, I finally completed this project.

The Tool

To get started, navigate to and select some LLMs to compare

Image description

Click the "See Comparison" button and you will be redirected to a page where you can see the comparison and adjust some settings such as which field types to show, theme, spacing, etc

Image description

After you're satisfied with the settings, click the Share button and pass it along

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How it works

There are over 3,000 LLMs in the database, and of course room for lots more.

The process of uploading an LLM for people to use works similar to the Community Notes feature of X (formerly twitter).

Once a contributor submits an LLM for review, other contributors will vote on whether to add it or not, to prevent spam, abuse, and incorrect information.

If you want to read more about how this works or help upload some LLMs to LLMArena, check out

Take it for a spin and give me your most honest, brutal, and uncensored feedback.

If you have the heart, I'd really appreciate some upvotes on Hacker News and Product Hunt

Thanks for reading.


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