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The one about Aysnc and Await - WEEK 6

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You can only go up from the bottom right. That’s what they say.

I did solo sprint on Monday morning and got a couple of green ticks in my tests. I was back again !

I’ve never been a quitter. Life has taught me so much. Getting engaged at the sweet age of 18, married at 20, three miscarriages and now blessed with three beautiful children at the back end of extremely difficult pregnancies is one small chapter of my life. I’m in no position to be ungrateful or feel sorry for myself. I have to be a role model… I have to rock on.

Sitting through a lecture about Async and Await, my confidence levels were rising. I understood it. Its an easier way to read code, compared to promises and blocks but slowly but surely, the lines start to blur. I had to remind myself to take baby steps. Slow down and work with what I know is better than moving forward too quickly and mushing everything up.

I am confident that soon enough, with more practise, I can go back and refactor my code.

I’ll feel dead clever then too.

Advanced error handling using pg-format for formatting query strings was a little intense, theory wise, but implementing it was much easier. It makes sense to create default errors to keep the code tidy. So far, this was one of the toughest weeks, mentally.

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