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Heatwave & Brexit - WEEK 10

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The second week in Frontend exposed the concepts of Data-fetching, styling, routers, react context API and optimistic rendering. All concepts that are completely new to me and will take a little time to understand and implement.

It was the usual drill this week, pair programming to prep ourselves with the solo front end project, next week. The fear of that was looming over me all week, not to mention the project phase was something everyone was anxious about. I had to keep reminding myself to take one step at a time.

This week flew by without me even realising. House renovations were at a stand still. Thank you Brexit ! No windows, no frames, no builders, no work.

Also the uninvited heatwave hit and studying in 30 degrees heat is no fun.

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Feeling you on that tip, blow a load of money on a mobile air conditioning unit for the home. I only get to use it for 3 weeks a year as you are well aware but right now I can justify every single penny!

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iqraraza Author

Totally agree with you. Seems like our summers are getting more and more unbearable so I get its an investment well made.