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How to fix problems with esbuild in Yarn

This plugin lets you use Yarn with esbuild. We use it in order to build Yarn itself!

  1. Add the plugin to your dependencies:
yarn add @yarnpkg/esbuild-plugin-pnp
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  1. Reference it via your esbuild configuration build API only:
import {pnpPlugin} from '@yarnpkg/esbuild-plugin-pnp';

await build({
  plugins: [pnpPlugin()],
  // ...
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Top comments (2)

alexandervantrijffel profile image
Alexander van Trijffel

Can you share your full esbuild.config.js please? I am trying to get this working with Yarn 2. But with Yarn 2 PNP, I cannot run node esbuild.config.js in my project because packages resolving does not work when they are not present in node_modules. When I run node esbuild.config.mjs I get error Error [ERR_MODULE_NOT_FOUND]: Cannot find package 'esbuild' imported from SNIP/esbuild.config.mjs

alexandervantrijffel profile image
Alexander van Trijffel

Never mind, I found the solution. The build must be started with yarn node esbuild.config.js so that dependencies are resolved using .pnp.cjs if yarn is configured to use PnP.

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