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What’s your go-to method of learning a new development skill?

The journey of learning never ends for a developer!

When you need to pick up a new programming language, library, framework or any dev related skill, how do you approach it?

I personally prefer to just pick a project related to what I'm learning and build up knowledge that way. I find I can’t spend too long on tutorials and I don’t truly start to understand unless I’m working on a project (even if it’s a made up project just to use what I’m learning).

So what's your preferred learning method?

A post I wrote a while back explains some various ways developers can use for practice.

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I used to think I should jump straight into practice immediately. But it's hard to inject it into real-world production-ready development processes. That's why my current learning framework is time-capped and very specific:

  1. Gather & structure information on a very narrow topic
  2. Share with someone else and filter out
  3. Build proofs of concept to figure out some crucial details (practice phase)
  4. Put together a summary for discussion and further actions.
  5. Iterate

You can find details here:

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Thanks for sharing your method, its very systematic!