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A Developer Community Encouraging Active Coding Practice 🏁

What is inspirezone?

Inspirezone is a community for developers and we are working on building an environment that will inspire developers of all levels of experience to reach their highest potential.

We are all about encouraging you to accelerate your programming skills through collaboration, active practice and group accountability.

We are also a developer blog covering topics on programming practice, productivity, tools and tips on increasing your proficiency as a developer.

Our community is now beginning a series of coding challenges to encourage active participation from members. Use these challenges to refresh or develop your knowledge of various programming languages.

We are launching the first coding challenge. It’s a relatively simple one as we’ll use this to plan out improvements and ideas for future challenges.

We are seeking developers who are dedicated and motivated in accelerating their growth and are willing to actively participate in collaboration activities like our challenges.

If you’re not a member yet, consider joining us and become a part of our influential community!

⚔️ The First Challenge - Develop a simple calculator using any programming language of your choice

The full details and rules of this challenge are listed on the GitHub repository.

GitHub logo inspirezonetech / Calculator-Challenge-Inspirezone

Calculator challenge hosted by the dev community

🏁 Calculator Coding Challenge 🏁 | Hosted by the Inspirezone Dev Community

Inspirezone calculator challenge badge Any programming language welcome We are on Discord Contributions welcome

inspirezone calculator challenge banner

This Repo is part of the inspirezone Dev Community Coding Challenges. Please read challenge details below.

You are welcome to contribute to this repo. If you want to contribute please read the for step by step details of how to submit an entry.

📜 Rules of this challenge 📜

Guidelines in making an entry for this challenge

✔️ Use any language of your choice.

✔️ Solution should at minimum ask for user input of 2 numbers.

✔️ Solution should at minimum be able to add, subtract, multiply, divide.

✔️ Can be command line based or GUI based.

✔️ Create a with instructions for how to run your code.

💻 How to Join in 💻

The inspirezone dev community is on Discord and this challenge is managed through there. If you are…

This first challenge will get you refreshing basic arithmetic operators using any language you choose.

Or due to the simplicity of this challenge, use this opportunity to pick up a language completely new to you and code up your first application!

Whatever language you use to develop this application, by participating in this challenge you’ll be able to:

  • Learn / refresh use of basic arithmetic operators in a programming language
  • Learn / refresh how to handle user inputs
  • If you’re new to GUI development, this is an opportunity to develop your first GUI application!
  • An opportunity to contribute to an open source project

🏅 We’ll also be awarding badges to all members that submit a working entry for every challenge we run. Each badge earned counts and we’ll reveal why over time 😉

Why should you join these challenges and participate in our community? 🤔

Our on-going coding challenges is just one method we’ll use to keep members active in their coding practice.

Accountability is a huge focus of our community. We encourage you to join in these challenges if you’re open to receiving a regular but gentle push to ensure you’re on track with your goals. These challenges are just one way we’ll be using to push you further 🔥

We manage our community through Discord and we encourage you to join the server if you want closer accountability. On Discord there will be an option to register your participation in challenges and we use this to keep track of everyone committed to completing a challenge.

Join the community to receive full member access to the Discord server. Or you can join the server as a guest.

These challenges are a great way to receive an external push and some accountability in keeping up with a regular coding habit.

If you’re a developer seeking unique ways to accelerate your coding skills to the next level we more than welcome you to join us!

Leave a comment or message me directly if you have any questions about this challenge or the inspirezone community 😀

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