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What Got You Into Programming?

For me, it was finding out you could add custom templates to your MySpace page by copy/pasting blocks of code into sections of your profile. If you remember, you could make your background look like a matrix screen and your cursor look like it was on fire. The templates I found didn't quite look the way I wanted them to look, so I started combing through the html and tweaking numbers around until it looked the way I liked.

I thought it was fun, so I signed up for a web design class in high school. Everything on the curriculum I had already learned from decking out my MySpace profile, so I started learning flash animation using ActionScript during class time.

That led me to game development, working with UnityScript in Unity, later switching to C#. Then Lua with the Corona and Defold engines. Which got me a job at a game company as a QA Tester. While I was there I started making web tools with my manager using JavaScript.

Flash forward, I'm now a front-end developer and it's all thanks to MySpace ๐Ÿ‘

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Chad Adams • Edited

I got into programming because a friend of mine a long time ago introduced me to a RuneScape private server. :D I fell in love with web development because my first programming job was working on an Angular web app. I really enjoyed it.

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