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User Chat plugin for WordPress

ImbaChat is a free WordPress community chat plugin. Online support chat, group chat, and private chat between users in the cloud service. Allows you to add a chat widget to your site for free. Integration with BuddyPress, SweetDate, and WooCommerce. Read on to learn more about this plugin.

Add a widget for your site for free. This plugin can be integrated with BuddyPress, SweetDate, and WCFM MarketPlace. ImbaChat has many features. This live chat plugin for WordPress has full integration with the user base on your web resource. It is possible to create a chat room with an unlimited number of participants. Automation on the site and in the chat has a single mechanism.

In the chat widget WordРress created using the ImbaChat plugin, you can send pictures, geolocations, and files. There is support for Emoji and chat database backup. If you use shared hosting, then this plugin supports work on it. If the Internet is disconnected, you can continue to work with the chat, since all your messages will be sent immediately after connecting your device to the global network.

Many people are interested in the question of whether the ImbaChat plugin will load the server. The answer is no, because all data processing takes place on the plugin's servers, and, accordingly, it takes all the load on itself. Thus, we can conclude that the ImbaChat private chat plugin for WordPress will be an excellent solution for creating a chat on your site since it is practical, multifunctional, and does not load your server.

ImbaChat plugin installation

Install the chat plugin for WordPress directly from the WordPress plugins screen and activate it. If you don't have a widget, click "Create Widget" in ImbaChat settings. The connection between your website and the ImbaChat server will be configured automatically. If you already have a widget, just enter its ID in the ImbaChat settings on your website and click on "Connect Widget".
The full tutorial you can find here.

In addition, if you have BuddyPress, WooCommerce, or SweetDate themes, ImbaChat integration will be configured automatically as well. You must use shortcodes to create chat buttons. Buttons are only available in BuddyPress.

ImbaChat plugin functions:

  • Full integration with your site's user base;
  • Online chat for online support service;
  • Private chat between users;
  • Group chat with an unlimited number of participants;
  • A unique authorization mechanism in the chat and on the site (users do not need to register twice);
  • Chat moderation;
  • Interface appearance and language setting;
  • Sending images, geolocation, and files;
  • You can also make a backup copy of the chat data, as well as use * It on shared hosting. It continues to work fine even without the internet (your messages will be sent as soon as the internet comes up).

This best WordPress group and private chat plugins will improve users experience on your website.

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