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Creating and managing pages in WordPress

WordPress gives us the ability to manage pages. Let's try to manage them. What does it mean to manage? This means being able to create, delete and modify. We go to the "Admin", click "Control" and click on "Pages". Before us in all its glory is the page management window.

WordPress admin page

As you can see, we can view, modify, delete and create. Let's try to create a new page. Using the link of the same name, go to the creation window.

We write the title. We format the content in the visual editor. On the left, we set the parameters. You can enable or disable discussion, determine the status of the page, set a password, determine the author and the ordinal number of the page. After everyone is finished, you can temporarily save, save as a draft, or publish the page.

Add new page on WordPress

Let's publish right away.
As you can see, we have achieved our goal: a link to a new page appeared in the sidebar, and the page itself appeared in the main part. Thus, we can create as many pages as we like. Did you know that it is possible to create a chat room for WordPress?

Its functions include private chat between users, group chat, and online support chat.
Installation instructions:

  1. Install the plugin in the admin panel of your WordPress site and activate it.
  2. If you don't have a widget, click “Create a widget” in ImbaChat settings. Your site's connection to ImbaChat will be configured automatically.
  3. If you already have a widget, write your widget ID in ImbaChat settings and click “Connect the widget”.
  4. Also, if you have BuddyPress, WCFM Marketplace, or SweetDate themes, ImbaChat integration will be configured automatically. More on how to make a chat in WordPress

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