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PlaneIt - One link to everywhere!


Have you ever felt that there should be a solution to the never-ending task of bookmarking at the start of every semester or finding each lecture link via email/whatsapp for the first 5 minutes of a lecture during online classes?

Well PlaneIt is that very solution.

So what does PlaneIt exactly do?

PlaneIt is a schedule automator. It basically stores all the links of your lecture classes, regular online meets or literally any link of your choice which you want to open at a specific point of time. Then it stores all these details on MongoDB's Serverless Atlas Database and provides you a simple link which you can use to fly your way to all the scheduled events!

Sounds interesting... What all do I need to signup?

Hmmm... nothing! All you need is a Google Account, no username-password creation. Just sign-in and set your schedule in the colorful-and-friendly UI inspired by Google.

Enough talking, give me the link

Ah, here you go: PlaneIt
[This might take a moment to load because of heroku, pardon me for that!]

Side Note - Other Use Cases

If you are a schedule freak like me who lists down every single to-do before going work, this can also motivate you to make that colorful schedule of yours! Go automate your schedule now!!

Also, just in case if you are worrying, PlaneIt is responsive enough to work on mobile devices and iPads too ;)

Submission Category:

Automation Innovation

Link to Code


Set your schedule and fly on your Paper Plane. Forget bookmarking!

Try it out here!

How It Works

  • First, login using your Google Account
  • Now, set your schedule by clicking on the tabs
  • Then click on save to store your weekly schedule
  • Now you'll get a single link that can get you anywhere
  • As the time of the meeting is stored, the link can redirect you to the correct meeting without any hassle!
  • No more bookmarking of each and every lecture class anymore! Just one link to all!


  • Login instantly with Google Sign-In
  • Colorful (Google-inspired) UI to set your schedule
  • Redirect to your scheduled meet using a single link
  • View your upcoming lectures on the home screen


This project is made as a submission for MongoDB Atlas Hackathon under the category: Automation Innovation

Additional Resources / Info

This uses the famous react-google-login package by Anthony Grove to ease the Google Login process.
Also thanks to MongoDB for making a seamless database service for CRUD operations with Atlas Serverless!


Landing Page

Schedule Page

Set Screen

Home Screen

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