Day 5 - Silent Visual Track with Hydra (Js Livecoding Environment)

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Jamuary 2020 - IllestPreacha Set (5 Part Series)

1) Video Of A Livecoding Experimental Music session 2) Day 2 - LiveCoding Session with Heavy Drumming 3) Day 3 - Musical Coding with only One Sample 4) Day 4 of Jamuary - Using Euclidean Rhythms 5) Day 5 - Silent Visual Track with Hydra (Js Livecoding Environment)

For the 5th day, decided to let the animation be the soundtrack for the audience to decide. This time inside of using Sonic Pi, I decided to use Hydra :


Which is built upon JavaScript and can be tried on the following link:


Github: https://github.com/ojack/hydra

As described by creator Olivia Jack (https://twitter.com/_ojack_?lang=en):

Set of tools for livecoding networked visuals. Inspired by analog modular synthesizers, these tools are an exploration into using streaming over the web for routing video sources and outputs in realtime.

Hydra uses multiple framebuffers to allow dynamically mixing, compositing, and collaborating between connected browser-visual-streams. Coordinate and color transforms can be applied to each output via chained functions.


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