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Kamran Ahmad
Kamran Ahmad

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Ultimate list of JavaScript Learning Resource (Free)

This post is Going to have some Awesome Resources

👉The Odin Project
👉JavaScript Notes & Reference(by Wesbos)
👉Study Tonight
👉Tutorial Point
👉MDN web Docs
👉Geeks for Geeks

Youtube Channels

👉Hitesh Chaudhary
👉Akshay Saini
👉Yahoo Baba
👉Traversy Media
👉The Net Ninja
👉Web Dev Simplified
👉Thapa Technical
👉Dev Ed
👉JavaScript Mastery
👉Florin Pop
👉Clever Programmer
👉Wes Bos


👉Eloquent JavaScript
👉You Don't Know JS Yet Series
👉JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
👉JavaScript: The Good Parts
👉JavaScript And JQuery
👉Speaking JavaScript
👉JavaScript For Impatient Programmers
👉Effective JavaScript
👉JavaScript in Easy Steps
👉Learn JavaScript Visually

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hyperloop profile image

It would be really helpful for readers if you add links Kamran.

ikamran profile image
Kamran Ahmad Author

I have done as you say

lfosgett profile image
Lauren Fosgett

Great list! Thanks for putting this together.

dinniej profile image
Nguyen Ngoc Dat • Edited on

The You Don't Know JS Yet series are the first one I read, which land me a job beyond my expect net due to my limit of real projects experience

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