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🤩5 open-source libraries you must know🤩 Week 3

Wow, for these past weeks we've been crushing it, uh! 🫰

We got more than one thousand people up on our articles, hope you all are helping out the projects we've been sharing to everyone!

I wanted to say that I'm very grateful to be writing these and helping out the community that helped me when I started, so let's go to week 3 of helping open-sorce projects!

If you can, try to give out a Star on them!⭐⭐

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Joplin is a free, open source note taking and to-do application, which can handle a large number of notes organized into notebooks.

  • Available for every platform 📱
  • Easy to use & cloud ☁️
  • Save Web pages 🌐
  • customize it your self 🫂

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GitHub Repository:


ntfy (pronounced notify) is a simple HTTP-based pub-sub notification service. It allows you to send notifications to your phone or desktop via scripts from any computer, and/or using a REST API. It's infinitely flexible, and 100% free software.

  • Send push notifications from your app or script
  • Receive notifications on your phone 📲
  • Send files to your phone or computer 💻
  • Subscribe to topics and get notifications

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GitHub Repository:


A minimal, responsive and feature-rich Jekyll theme for technical writing.

  • Localized UI language 🌐
  • Pinned Posts on Home Page 🏠
  • Hierarchical Categories 🤝
  • Trending Tags 🏷️

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GitHub Repository:


Open Source Wealth Management Software

  • pursuing a buy & hold strategy 🏦
  • interested in getting insights of your portfolio composition 🎯
  • valuing privacy and data ownership 👻
  • into minimalism 🧘

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GitHub Repository:


Connect with the community, establish autonomy, reduce the cost of SaaS, and MAXIMIZE the potential for a personalized copilot.

  • Friendly UI designed for home scenarios 🌟
  • Multiple hardware and base system support 🎅
  • ZimaBoard, NUC, RPi, old computers, whatever is available.🤞
  • Easily install numerous Docker apps 💙

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GitHub Repository:


IDURAR is Open Source ERP / CRM (Invoice / Inventory / Accounting / HR).

  • Ant design framework
  • Build with Mern stack Node.js / Express.js / MongoDb / React.js
  • Redux state manager✨
  • Inventory & Accounting

Open Source ERP / CRM

Github Repository:

Wow, today we brought some excellent projects, don't forget to fork these repositories and star all of them to help.

if you'd like to be part of it next week don't forget to comment and we have amazing new projects coming!

See you next week!

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Best regards,
The idurar-erp-crm Team

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Thomas Kaul

@fernando_rodrigues Thank you for showcasing Ghostfolio! ❤️