What do you love the most in software development?

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Recently I wondered what about software development attracts me the most and keeps me going. For me, it is the ability to go from idea to a live product, it amazes every single time. Usually most people can't do it by themselves but developers (also some other engineers as well) are blessed with this unique ability.

Let me know what do you love the most in software development?

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I love the fact I can keep learning new things and it isn't going to end. I think this is a great time to be a developer, as we have community like this one, Twitter, Slack channels, GitHub. We can share our ideas and our work with tons of developers and learn from each other.


i love the feeling when u get lost in your code and forget all about your surroundings. Just smashing the keyboard like a typewriter and get shit done.
It's amazing!


You need some serious noise cancelling headphones to really get into it 🎧

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