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Ido David
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Tartigraid - Best api dev tool

Hello fellow developers.
I started working on a new open source api dev tool called tartigraid.

It is a proxy that between you api server and the clients.
The tool provides a dashboard that provides insight and tools to help you develop the best API.

I have many ideas for features that could improve the quality of the API. And the quality of life for the developers.

Some features that I thought about:

  • Automatic generation of open api schema
  • Automatic generation of test suites. And execution tools.
  • Automatic generation of json schema and typescript types/zod validators/types in any language.
  • Postman integration
  • Easily launch multiple proxies. For a microservice environment and provide insight on traffic between services.
  • Re Execute requests made to the server
  • Easily generate test data and execute a request

Would love to hear your thoughts especially if you have feature proposals.
And I would like it even more if you would like to contribute!!

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