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[DISCUSSION] Code reviews are important!

Code reviews in development teams is important!

I would love to hear from you fellow developers in the comments what is your code review process in your teams.
And how important do you think it is.

Working in a team is harder than working alone.
Fixing bugs and adding features to code that other people write
can be difficult if their style is very different from you.

Code reviews make it easier to build a more unified code base.
A code base that all of the team is involved with. Even if they are not the ones who wrote the code.

Code reviews also extends the responsibility of a piece of code to other team members. So if there is a problem regarding those lines of code. More than one team member is capable of easily diving in to the code and fix it or develop a feature extending it.

Code reviews make integration of different part of code easier.
If one team member writes a service that should be used by others.
Than reviewing the code before it is released is very helpful.

In my opinion the ideal process for a code review should like this:

  1. Create a base branch for the feature
  2. Divide the feature to small tasks.
  3. Create a sub branch for each subtask
  4. Open a pull request for each subtask
  5. Let 1-2 developers comment on the code
  6. Fix/discuss the comments
  7. Get approval and push

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