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Custom dropdowns with React

Ok if you followed my last post:

I showed there how to create custom components from a json file with React.
How about dropdowns where you need to store its values and each dropdown has its own toggle (if you're using a library like Reactstrap)?

Here's how I did it:

const [dropdowns, setDropdowns] = useState({})
const [savedDropdowns, setSavedDropdowns] = useState({})

const toggleDropdown = (i) => {
    setDropdowns({...dropdowns, [i]: !dropdowns[i]})

const onChangeDropdown = (value, id) => {
    setSavedDropdowns({...savedDropdowns, [id]: value})
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Inside your function where you render your custom components:

   isOpen={dropdowns[id]} toggle={() => toggleDropdown(id)}
        <DropdownToggle caret>
            {, oi) => {
                return <DropdownItem key={oi} value={o.value}
onClick={() => onChangeDropdown(o.value, id)}>{}</DropdownItem>
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Hope you get something out of this.


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Jacqueline Binya

Love you content Faith🌼🌻

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Faith Morante

Thanks! I will try to post more