How I Deal With Bad User Feedback

Elena on December 17, 2018

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This post made me smile! 😊 Thank you for your insights, I think your advice can apply to any kind of feedback in life OR the internet haha!

(In fact I shall try to remember it next time someone tailgates or cuts me up at a roundabout... some people just want to watch the world burn.)


Thank you Laura!

I don't know if it 100% applies in real life though. If there is no danger, I think it's perfectly okay to ignore a rude person - this will make your day better without causing you any problems.
But if there is danger or risk, I wouldn't be the best person to give advice on that. Take care!:)


No I don't know - perhaps not ignore a person completely per se, but I think there's certainly an argument to pick and choose what you listen to with other people. I think you made a good point:

Some people just want to be negative

In this case there is nothing to take away from them - and if criticism is coming from a negative place that isn't constructive, then it says a lot more about what they need to work on rather than what you need to :)


I've learnt to do exactly the same, if you start dwelling on the negative you'll lose all motivation.

The other one I get often is complaining about the fact I restrict my app to only allow a few functions until you pay a (small) fee, it's amazing how many people consider this worthy of a 1 star. If you like it enough to hit the limit then $2 isn't the end of the world.


Oh, don't even get me started on that! Some people just seem to think everyone should work for them for free.

This is what I responded once:


That is exactly what I want to say though I never rise to it. I treat them the same as the nonconstructive 1 star reviews and just ignore them.


I read once: "Unsolicited feedback is always for the sender. Ignore it."

If the feedback is just negative complaining I try to ignore that part. But sometimes, occasionally, there is a nugget of information I can use to make something better. I avoid responding to negative feedback as the sender is just looking for attention. Even if I improve something based on their feedback, they don't need to know that unless they start behaving more politely.


Wise approach, Paul. I do think the world would be better if people were just a bit more polite


What about bad reviews in another language? 🤔

Jokes aside, great post and great insights.


I translate them and then decide whether to reply or not :)

If I can't translate them, I usually skip them.


Legit! I've never had a Google Play dev account so I thought Google would translate the comments for you.


I just downloaded your app. It's pretty interesting.

But your description isn't concise. I looked at the Google Play images, thought to myself "I guess this is an app for generating images?" and when I checked the description, I found a long explanation that doesn't explain that much. It needs more impact.

Another thing. You don't have a dedicated back button in the Shape submenu. When you click Words or Color, you can go back to the "main menu" by pressing the left arrow in the top left corner. But when you enter shapes view, there is no dedicated back button in your UI.

Similar thing when you press Other. Maybe you could add a "Back to main" button left of rotate/boarder/image buttons which switches back to words/color/shape/other menu.

Obviously, you could press the Android back button, but I find that some people don't press it because if they press it too many times the app will close so they are "afraid" of it.

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