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Ibrar Hussain
Ibrar Hussain

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Setting Up Amazon CodeWhisperer: Your GitHub Copilot Alternative in PhpStorm

As a developer, the constant task of writing code can become tiresome. To alleviate this, having a personal assistant that aids in writing code more efficiently becomes essential. This is where AI-based coding tools like GitHub Copilot and Amazon CodeWhisperer come into play.

GitHub Copilot is an excellent tool, but it comes with a paid subscription. On the other hand, its alternative, Amazon CodeWhisperer, offers two tiers: "Individual tier" and "Professional tier," with the "Individual tier" being free.

Today, we'll walk through the steps of installing the free version of Amazon CodeWhisperer in PhpStorm. Here are the steps:

Step 1:

In PhpStorm, click on the top-left menu PhpStorm, and then select Settings.

PhpStorm settings

Step 2:

Choose the Marketplace in the Plugins section.

Plugins -> Marketplace

Step 3:

Search for AWS Toolkit and click Install.

Search for Aws Toolkit

After successful installation, restart the IDE when prompted.

Restart IDE

Step 4:

After restarting, click on the AWS icon in the top-left panel, navigate to Developer Tools, and double-click Start.

Aws Developer Tools

A window will appear; select the first option and click the Connect button.

Connection Option

Step 5:

In the window, a code will be displayed. Click on Proceed to Browser.

Proceed to Browser

A new window should open in a browser. Confirm that it's displaying the same code as shown in the previous window and then click Confirm and Continue.

Confirm the code

You'll be prompted to create an AWS Builder Account.

AWS Builder Account

Follow the steps to create your account. Once the account is successfully created, you'll be asked to allow AWS Toolkit for JetBrains to access your data. Click Allow.

Allow AWS Toolkit to access JetBrains data

Upon success, you'll see the following message:

Success message

Step 6:

Back in PhpStorm, you'll see a message asking you to stay connected to CodeWhisperer. Click Yes.

Stay connected to CodeWhisperer

You can confirm CodeWhisperer status by clicking on the AWS icon, then Developer Tools, and you should see the following message:

CodeWhisperer status


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