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Online Developer Summit Replays: AI & ML, Containers, and Cloud Native

Last year we hosted close to 270 online meetups with IBM Developer worldwide teams on our Crowdcast channel. A small fact – we hosted our first online meetup on May 17, 2018. One of the main reasons we started hosting online meetups (way before the Covid-19 pandemic) is to offer developer education to communities worldwide (and that’s also how you scale).

Among all the events we hosted three online developer summits. The format of a developer summit is a half-day event with speakers from various companies covering various topics. The summits also include a hands-on workshops. Below I’m sharing the agenda and links to summit replays from last year. I believe the summits provide high-quality developer education and I encourage you to watch the replays.

AI & ML Developer Summit

AI & ML Developer Summit

  • Explainability in neural networks – Lavanya Shukla (Weights & Biases)
  • Improve Communication Apps with Machine Learning! – Lizzie Siegle (Twilio)
  • Hands-on workshop
  • Testing Machine Learning Models in Production – Eric Schles
  • Predict the Future with Watson Studio AutoAI – Jenna Ritten (IBM)
  • Realtime Object Detection in the Browser with TensorFlow.js – Nicholas Bourdakos (IBM)

Watch AI & ML Developer Summit replay

Containers Developer Summit

Containers Developer Summit

  • Keynote – CRDs and Operators: Understanding Kubernetes Extensibility – Josh Wood, Developer Advocate (Red Hat)
  • Panel – Istio in the Enterprise with Ram Vennam, Lin Sun, Mofi Rahman. Moderated by Dave Nugent
  • Interactive Workshop: Introduction to Red Hat OpenShift, Nigel Brown (IBM)
  • Security as Code for Kubernetes – Tracy Walker (NeuVector)
  • Making the Business Case for DevOps – Dan Garfield (Codefresh)

Watch Containers Developer Summit replay

Cloud Native Developer Summit

Cloud Native Developer Summit

  • Why Cloud Native Requires Chaos Engineering, Ana Margarita (Gremlin)
  • Building Cloud Native Apps with Knative and TektonCD – Carlos Santana (IBM)
  • Cloud Native Hands-on Workshop – Alex Parker (IBM)
  • 10 useful techniques to make sense of Istio – Lin Sun (IBM)
  • Service Mesh and Enterprise Level Design – Shweta Vohra (IBM)
  • Serverless Deployment of a Reactive Microservice to the Modern Cloud Infrastructure – Mary Grygleski (IBM)

Watch Cloud Native Developer Summit replay

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