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11 Developer Tutorials You Should Try from July 2021

I want to share developer articles, tutorial and videos from IBM Developer North America team. These resources offer high-quality developer education so I believe you will find them valuable.

July tutorials

📖Deploy a NodeJS app to IBM Cloud Container Registry by Mrina Sugosh

📖ES6 is the Node way to go by Mrina Sugosh

📖ML Fundamentals in Javascript by Mrina Sugosh

📖Deploy an image from IBM Cloud Container Registry to Kubernetes by Mrina Sugosh

📖IBM Cloud Deployment 4 Ways: IBM Cloud Paks by Jenna Ritten

📖IBM Cloud Deployment 4 Ways: IBM Cloud Foundry by Jenna Ritten

📖IBM Cloud Deployment 4 Ways: IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service by Jenna Ritten

📖IBM Cloud Deployment 4 Ways: Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud by Jenna Ritten

📖Red Hat OpenShift 1001: What is Red Hat OpenShift and Why Does it Matter? by Bradston Henry

📖Adding Google Auth to Kubernetes Clusters with Red Hat OpenShift and IBM AppID by Dave Nugent

📖Deploying Scalable Java Microservices to Enterprise Kubernetes using Red Hat OpenShift by Dave Nugent

One more thing. If you are looking to join our live online meetups, you will find weekly developer education events on our Crowdcast channel.

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