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Get started with the IBM Cloud, a four-part online series for developers

lennartf profile image Lennart ・2 min read

IBM Developer Advocates Lennart Frantzell and Marek Sadowsky join forces to introduce developers to cloud computing in four sessions.

The Cloud is the cornerstone of the world economy and needs more developers who understand cloud computing. Our goal is to get you started on that path as quickly as possible, focusing on one of the major clouds in the market today: the IBM Cloud. But what you learn about the IBM Cloud can easily be applied to the other major clouds in the market place.

This workshop will help you get started using cloud computing, and point you to the resources to find additional help when you want to go deeper.

Session One: Thursday, May 14, 2020
IBM Cloud Series — Getting Started with Serverless Computing

Session Two: Thursday May 21, 2020
IBM Cloud Series - Getting Started with Containers

Session Three : Thursday May 28, 2020
IBM Cloud Series - Getting Started with AI

Session Four : Thursday June 4, 2020
IBM Cloud Series — Getting Started with Edge

Each session lasts two hours and is on-line with screen sharing. Our goal
is to point you in the right direction, get you writing simple cloud-hosted apps and get you ready to walk on your own.

You will learn to feel confident about working in the IBM Cloud environment, or in any other cloud environment.

So join us, or view the recorded sessions afterwords.

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