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Get Hired Faster: How to use Lyzr-Automata to draft personalised cold emails

In today’s competitive job market, getting noticed by recruiters can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. What if there was a way to cut through the noise and land yourself more interviews, faster? In this blog post, we’ll explore how Lyzr-Automata can empower job seekers to accelerate their job search and increase interview callbacks.


Create a folder, set up a virtual environment and activate it. Create .env file with your OPENAI_API_KEY. Then install the following libraries to get started.


  • streamlit: for building the web app interface.
  • lyzr_automata : for implementing our AI models, and tasks.
  • dotenv: for loading environment variables (API key).
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Getting Started

We will split the task into 2 files. One for frontend components ( while the other for Lyzr-Automata (

1.Import Libraries

import streamlit as st
from pypdf import PdfReader 
import os
from lyzr_functions import send_cold_email
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2.Helper Functions

# Save information on a text file that acts as memory for LLM
def save_to_text_file(text_value, mode):
    data_directory = "data"
    os.makedirs(data_directory, exist_ok=True)

    text_file_path = os.path.join(data_directory, 'instructions.txt')
    with open(text_file_path, mode) as file:

# Parse Resume
def read_pdf(pdf_file_path):
    reader = PdfReader(pdf_file_path) 
    extracted_text = ''.join(page.extract_text() for page in reader.pages)
    return extracted_text
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3. Input Components

  • st.file_uploader — Upload Resume
  • st.text_area — Text area to enter job description
  • st.text_input — Text field to enter list of emails and contact info
  • st.button — Button to submit input
# Resume Input
uploaded_file = st.file_uploader("Upload Resume", type='pdf')

# Job description Input
job_description = st.text_area("Enter Job Description")

# List of emails to send Input
email_ids = st.text_input('List of Emails', placeholder='Email1, Email2,...')

# Name and contact to sign the email Input
contact_info = st.text_input('Your contact info (to sign the email)', placeholder='Name, Phone Number')

# Submit button Input
is_send_email = st.button('Send Email!')

# env Variables to send email
user_email_address = st.text_input('Your email address')
app_password = st.text_input('Your email app password')
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4. Handle Inputs

if is_send_email:
    # If fields are empty
    if not email_ids or not job_description or not uploaded_file or not contact_info or not user_email_address or not app_password:
        st.error('Enter all the fields!')
        os.environ["PASSWORD"] = app_password
        os.environ["EMAIL"] = user_email_address
        email_list = email_ids.split(',')
        email_list = [email.strip() for email in email_list] # make a list of emails
        extracted_pdf_text = read_pdf(uploaded_file) # parse pdf
        save_to_text_file(text_value = extracted_pdf_text, mode = "w") # save pdf in txt file
        save_to_text_file(text_value = "\nJob Description : \n" + job_description, mode = "a") # save job desctiption in txt file
        send_cold_email(email_list, contact_info) # send email using Lyzr Automata
        st.success("Email sent!")
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1.Import Libraries

from lyzr_automata.ai_models.openai import OpenAIModel
from lyzr_automata import Agent, Task
from lyzr_automata.tasks.task_literals import InputType, OutputType
from lyzr_automata.memory.open_ai import OpenAIMemory
from lyzr_automata.pipelines.linear_sync_pipeline import LinearSyncPipeline
from lyzr_automata import Logger
from import send_email_by_smtp_tool
from dotenv import load_dotenv
import os


PASSWORD = os.getenv("PASSWORD")
EMAIL = os.getenv("EMAIL")
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2. send_cold_email function

  • OpenAIModel — Create our models using OpenAI Key and specify the model type and name.
  • OpenAIMemory — email_writer_memory, Create a vector store memory for the agent.
  • Agent — email_writer_agent, create a Lyzr Agent for text email creation using the memory.
  • Task — email_writer_task, create Lyzr Task with instructions on writing the email and the agent.
  • Tool — email_sender_tool, initialise the pre-built email sender tool
  • Task — send_email_task, create another Lyzr Task that is going to send our email.
  • LinearSyncPipeline — Pass the Tasks in order of execution.
def send_cold_email(email_list, contact_info):
    # GPT 4 Text Model
    open_ai_model_text = OpenAIModel(
        api_key= OPENAI_API_KEY,
            "model": "gpt-4-turbo-preview",
            "temperature": 0.3,
            "max_tokens": 1500,

    # Load memory from instructions file
    email_writer_memory = OpenAIMemory(

    # Create Agent with Memory
    email_writer_agent = Agent(
        prompt_persona="You are an intelligent email writer agent and assume the persona of a job seeker reaching out to potential employers or recruiters. The email should be professional, concise, and persuasive, highlighting the candidate's skills, experience, and why they are a good fit for the job description.",
        role="Cold Email writer",

    # Create email writer Task
    email_writer_task = Task(
        name="Cold Email Creator",
        instructions="Use the resume information and job description to write a cold email of 250 words to be sent to the recruiter. [IMPORTANT!] send the response in html use bullets for points and beautify it professionally. Return only the email. Don't leave any field empty. My personal details are : " + contact_info,

    # Initialize email sender Tool
    email_sender_tool = send_email_by_smtp_tool(

    # Create email sender Task
    send_email_task = Task(
        name = "Send Email Task",
        tool = email_sender_tool,
        instructions="Send Email",
        input_tasks = [email_writer_task],
        default_input = email_list

    # Run Tasks using a pipeline
    logger = Logger()
        name="Cold Emailer",
        completion_message="Email Sent!",
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Run App

streamlit run

Flow Diagram

Flow Diagram

Want to create more of such amazing AI Workflows? Visit our website at GitHub to learn more about Lyzr-Automata!

Also checkout Lyzr SDKs at GitHub

Lyzr Website:
Lyzr Community Channel: Discord

Video Walkthrough:

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