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Prepping for Data Structures and Algorithm

iamjoross profile image Jose Ross Barredo ・1 min read

I have always thought of Technical Interviews especially during Data Structures and Algorithm questions to be detrimental. I always find it hard to wrap around the questions and find a good algorithm for it. I coward and tend to expect the worse. Until one day, I told myself to courage up!

As a software engineer, coder, developer, software developer or whatever you call yourself, having the foundation on data structures and algorithms (DSA) is a must on our tool belt. Having that foundation is fundamental to help shape our critical minds into reaching a solution to problems which is both efficient and effective. For interviewers, it gives them a peek to what our perspective is when facing obstacles in coding.

Not acing that interview is your fault alone. The best way to prevent it is to prepare and practice, then prepare and practice again. It is recursive.

Preparing for technical interviews is very subjective. As for me, I am making this article as an introduction to one of my preparation techniques.

I will be posting my train of thoughts as to how I would solve a DSA problem. Think of it as a mock interview but a monologue written. Disclaimer, I am in no way expert and I am still learning. I would love to receive feedback and comments that would help me.

The problems that I will be solving are questions from various coding platforms online.

This is me prepping for my technical interview.


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