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Coding Daily to learn Problem-Solving rather than Coding

iamashusahoo profile image Ashutosh ・2 min read

Coding for me is a commitment that I want to do every day. Doing something every day comes with an attitude that I want to grow as an individual, I want to increase my knowledge.

As I am working in a job, working in an agile framework I have observed in almost 3 months my project is getting changed. This means the company is not looking for an employee who knows a particular technology but someone who can solve their problems. Technology is just a medium to solve the potential problem. Like we have tools like saw that is used to cut through the materials. Technology like ReactJS, Angular, NodeJS, etc are tools to solve various needs technically on a scalable model.

The reason why IT companies make billions with the same amount of work that is put by other professions is that in the IT the solution to a model that is built is reusable, meaning the same product can be used to cater various user needs, and it is scalable meaning the solution can solve problems for large masses of people in millions and billions.

When such a huge amount of people gets fulfilled with little inputs in the form of capital, project teams this results in huge cash flow, and with huge profits, the chances are the price of subscription or product decreases many folds compared to a solution provided by non-IT fields.

Now the question is, is this field easy? To know if something is easy or hard is an individual choice. If someone works regularly on something, do regular practice then things will eventually become easy, else it will be hard.

I have seen people with non-IT, non-technical, non-CS degree background switched to developer jobs by consistent perseverance. If you are someone who wants to walk a similar path, I recommend you to make a proper plan, you can follow the, YouTube, Twitter. There is a lot of content, learn from the people who are already doing it. Start practicing on it daily, you will eventually land up to your dream job.

I hope you liked the article. Give a 💖 and 🦄. Also, let me know your plans or any feedback in the comment box.


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