The Transformation of Mobile Technology by AI & Chatbot Apps

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Mobile Technology by AI & Chatbot Apps

Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic for discussion for a long time now and it’s not changing for a while, I guess. People are talking over chatbots and virtual assistants and sharing their ideas on and around it.

A lot of big and reputed companies are repeatedly spending their time, money and resources into artificial intelligence. AI and chatbot development are going to change the way business is done and it will solve a lot of problems that businesses have been facing for many years.

Ways in Which AI Affects Mobile Technology

  1. App Personalization

With the help of AI, a lot of businesses are able to offer a personalized experience to their users. The user will be offered location-based results. Brands will be able to collect detailed information about the users. The search algorithm will have major changes, thanks to AI.

  1. App Security

AI will focus on user behavior pattern and send out alerts if the results are suspicious. AI will also offer ways in which the mobile security can be improved. Security leakage points will be found out by AI to avoid intruder attack.

  1. App Marketing

Market trends and user behavioral patterns will be studied thoroughly to get real-time demographics. AI will not just save the time of marketers in gathering data, but also the chances of error will decrease with this.

  1. Conversational Experience

With AI, the conversational experience is also going to improve in the way that it will be able to manage multiple clients at a time, and not just that but it will also provide them with the right kind of solution.

  1. Search Experience

The search will not be limited to text, but there will also be searches possible using images and voices. This will allow mobile app developers to include voice and image recognition to their apps.

Industries That Will Benefit Most From AI

  • E-Commerce. E-Commerce and Customer Service businesses are the most common businesses which will largely benefit from AI. A lot of major e-commerce companies have incorporated AI in their apps already.

  • Healthcare. Healthcare is not difficult to access due to time constraints, but it’s also getting expensive. But AI will help you diagnose your disease at a very basic level. Some medical institutes in the US have started making use of AI.

  • Publishing. Media companies largely depend on personalization for their success. AI will help in offering the news readers the kind of news they want to read. CNN has already integrated a chatbot to their mobile app.

This Just the Beginning

If you think AI has already entered your mobile space, think again. This is just the beginning. There will be many more upgrades and advancements in the future. AI and chatbot development are going to transform mobile technology and add quality to it.

Brands and businesses will soon realize the importance of adding AI and chatbots to their apps, as these will enhance user experience and give your app an edge over what your competitor has to offer.

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