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MA 14: Shawn Wang on Open Knowledge

What does it mean to be code adjacent? Shawn Wang joins Henry to chat about not just open code but open thinking with his experience in community managing, the idea of tumbling, moderating /r/reactjs, starting the Svelete Society meetup, documenting and learning in public, being historians of our field, fresh notes vs. awesome lists, the meta language, and adoption curves. Transcript:

Shawn :

Henry :


  • Intro: Tumbling as an Alternative to Community Manager
  • Specific, Limited-term Maintainer Roles
  • Separation of Maintainer Concerns
  • Babel W18, like YC W18
  • Becoming a Moderator for /r/reactjs
  • Learning with "I Promise to Answer Every Question"
  • History and Memento Mori: A Time Before Git
  • Where's the Story of How Projects Get Started?
  • A Culture of "Document Yourself More"
  • Learning Gears: Explorer, Connector, Miner
  • Finding A Vision People Can Rally Around
  • Being Code Adjacent
  • Maybe We Need a JavaScript Community Manager
  • Cheat Sheets and Awesome Lists
  • Personalized Docs, Documentation Levels
  • Open Source Knowledge, Proof of Work
  • Twitter as a Permanent Hallway Track
  • Find the Intersection of Two Communities
  • Documenting Underlying Assumptions
  • "Fresh notes"
  • Starting a Meetup: Svelte Society
  • Keeping it Alive
  • Taking Part in Category Creation
  • The Meta Language
  • Parenting and Figuring Things Out
  • Not Everything Needs to be in Public
  • CSS 4: Does It Even Matter if No One Knows?
  • Adoption Curves: Focusing too much on the head
  • Removing the Learning Curve with Better Defaults
  • Philosophy of Technology
  • Spatial Software, The Mind

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