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MA 16: Philip Guo (#3) on Life After Digital Death

Last podcast with Philip, who just left most social media after getting tenure.

What's life after removing yourself from social media? Philip Guo joins Henry (the last in the "trilogy") to chat about LAT, life after Twitter. We discuss being irrelevant, forcing yourself to think about different things, treating a newsletter like email, restraining your growth, moving to the digital suburbs, engaging with the past, directing your attention and production, being particular and local, making it normal again to not have to create. (recorded in July) Transcript:

First chat (MA 7):

Second chat (MA 15):

Philip :

Henry :


  • Intro to the Trilogy
  • A Movie Review By a Random Person
  • Forcing Your Own Hand
  • Email Is a Newsletter without an Archive
  • Restrained Growth
  • Convenience Over Everything
  • Quitting and Twitter Brouhaha
  • From City to Suburbs
  • Stepping Back By Not Producing
  • Conflating Consumption and Production
  • Engaging with The Distant Past
  • Getting the Last Word
  • Showing Charity to Those Things
  • Spewing Out Stuff, Undirected
  • After Influence, Staying Niche?
  • Generality (Mega Church) and Particularity (House Church)
  • The Small Scale is the Only Scale
  • It's Not Weird To Not Make Anything

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