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Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen

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Credit Card Payment UI With ReactJS

This is not a tutorial, or anything even informational. Just a place to share my project, hoping to inspire some creativity. Hopefully you learn about a new resource or try a new project. Repo is available!

Hey devs, we're pretty fortunate 😉

This badass platform gives us the ability to show off a project with the "#showdev" community tag and I am taking that opportunity!


Try different credit card issuers:

  • Visa cards start with 4
  • Mastercards 51
  • Discover 6011
  • Amex 34
  • Diners Club 300


  1. ReactJS
  2. JSX
  3. Basic Javascript
  4. Custom SCSS
  5. Cleave.JS
  6. Dynamic rendering

Something to point out

The FUNNIEST thing about the entire project, what I am also the most proud of, is the holographic sticker on the top left! It's a picture of raindrops on a window! 🤣


Let me know what you think about it. So much more could be added to this. For example, I would like to add a rotateX animation that allows the user to instead enter their security code on the back, once they click on the form field! That would be cool.

If you are practicing frontend development and using React, give it a go! It's really based on all the fundamentals of React and the basics of Javascript.

Show off your project below if you end up giving a shot! I'm sure you can do something even better! 😎

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Discussion (6)

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Sri-Ni, Thirumalaa Srinivas

It will be interesting to see how you evolve this Chris.
So many possibilities to take it from here.
Giving context on the UI for the credit card payment, is one possible expansion of this demo UI.

hyggedev profile image
Chris Hansen Author

Hey, thanks a lot for the vote of encouragement 💯 Context is definitely a way to go. There is error handling, yup, Formik, slicker animations. Seems like something I'm going to work on soon!

srini profile image
Sri-Ni, Thirumalaa Srinivas

Yes, error handling and user messaging will be valuable!

Thread Thread
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Chris Hansen Author


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Edgar Mendoza

It looks awesome, there's only one issue, the month and year are wrong

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Chris Hansen Author

You're right l, are you talking about how I have month displayed first on the card, but year is the first users choice? Good catch if so 💯👌