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As you start the development journey, here are the essential tools you will need.

In this blog, I am going to address some of the most important things you need to consider to have with you to make your Web Dev Journey a smooth experience.

1. Mindset

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The No.1 one thing and also a cliche is that you need to have the correct mindset to start this journey. If you are only getting into this journey thinking you can make some good bucks then maybe you won't last.

Initially, you will need to put in a few months of work to learn the basics of coding. The mindset of showing up every day and creating a habit of coding a minimum of an hour will have compounding results.
Some days you might feel that this isn't worth it. In those days, the right mindset along with your habit will put you right on track.

2. The Basic Peripherals

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This consists of a good laptop or a desktop. One which is smooth to use and doesn't lag or is slow. This is very much important since a slow computer may hinder your whole experience and put you off track.

Another thing which is even more important is a fast and reliable internet connection. You might be lucky if you are living in India since there is a telecom war which is a blessing in disguise for you. Having a fast internet connection has a similar effect where you won't be bugged while the page is buffering.

3. A good Environment

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Don't use your bed as the place to learn. Having a proper desk for your work or study is crucial. There are many types of research and psychologically your mind differentiates a place of work from a place of rest. Having a good desk at optimum height and enough space along with an ergonomic chair is so very important.
Also having a proper corner for it helps your brain to map out that it is your working area, so whenever you go and sit there and start your work, now your brain knows it's time to tighten the shoes,

4. Cut off Distractions

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Highly inspired by the book "Deep Work", whenever you start to code, put your phone in another room. Firstly, you'll save loads of time, since we are habituated to check our phones on a timely basis. Secondly, any notifications that pop off won't bother you or urge you to check it out. OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND.

5. The Right Resources

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I know you are amazed as to why I reached this part so late in my blog. Well, all the things mentioned above are very crucial mentally and physically to put you in your seat for long hours. Now it's also important to find the right resources to learn. Before that, learn to google search things the right way i.e., learn how to put in the right keywords in google to fetch you the most accurate results.
You can learn coding either via books or via videos. I would recommend you to go with the video tutorials. Just go to Youtube and search for whatever you want to learn and you will be provided with a playlist from various creators and developers. Pick any one and checkout a few videos and see whether the teaching style matches with your learning style.

One such resource to learn web development would be Tanay Pratap's LevelZero. Also if you know hindi then you can checkout CodeWithHarry's channel too.

6. Don't forget the Roadmap

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Roadmaps are important. It helps you get an overview of what lies ahead and also what all levels do you have to pass through. Treat roadmap as a game where each language or thing is a level. This will gamify the whole process and make it enjoyable.

7. A community or accountability partner

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Join in a community or find an accountability partner. I'd recommend joining a community where you can easily find an accountability partner there. This helps you whenever you are feeling down or have a doubt which after googling and trying out cannot be solved. Turn to the community or to your partner and speak up. This also helps a little bit with your soft skills in general.

8. Showcase your work

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It's really important to showcase your work, however horrible or novice it may feel. That's how you'll improve and it will create a feedback loop for you. Not necessary to share it with those who are into development but in general. This will help you in your user experience and design too.

9. Write

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This may sound odd, it did for me too, but writing helps you accumulate your knowledge on that subject into easy and understandable bite-sized content. This will also help you to find what you actually didn't understand since before writing you do a ton of research and viola you learn there too. This also helps with your communication skills in general where you will become a good communicator which is very much vital for your future endeavours.

10. Just Start

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Even if you don't have a fancy desk or an awesome mechanical keyboard it doesn't matter. All you need is the internet and the grit to learn. Beg, borrow, steal but put in the work. You may not see the effects right away but it will, definitely will compound one day. Show up daily, take it up into your stride and make it a habit to code at least an hour minimum. Even if you read about some concepts on your low days it's enough, but keep the bandwagon moving.

That's all from my side. This whole blog is quite enthusiastically written as it really resonates with me. I hope this helps and inspires you, even a little bit. If there are additional points to add do tell me. Always ready to learn and grow. Adios.

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