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Human Readable Magazine Issue #3 is out!

pekalicious profile image Panagiotis Peikidis ・1 min read

I'm very proud to announce the publication of the third issue of Human Readable Magazine. Check it out here: https://humanreadablemag.com/issues/3

The only positive thing about the quarantine is all the extra time I was able to put into this issue. It's almost double the size of the last and we have some new contributors that I'm extremely happy to have worked with like John D. Cook and Bart Filipek. And not to forget the amazing cover work by Enisaurus.

For a taste of our article quality, Michele Caini's C++20 Unspoken Features is free to read.

Also I finally implemented Dark Mode, added credits section, fixed a few bugs and layout issues and even added a crossword puzzle that nobody asked for.

Truly our best one yet!

Human Readable

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