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Looking for ideas for my React Native app

Hi DEVs, I've recently started learning React Native. I decided to share what I'm learning along the way by building small apps and writing tutorials.

The first app I'm building is a location-based app for exploring a city. Imagine you're walking around London and you have the app running on your phone in your pocket, and it tells you (via text to speech maybe?) when you're near an interesting place.

It's quite complex for me to attempt to build it in one go, so I'm breaking it down into very small chunks.

I've just finished building the first simple app that takes co-ordinates (latitude, longitude) and reverse geocodes them into a human understandable address.

I have the following ideas for the next steps, but I'm curious to hear your ideas and suggestions.

  • Display current location on a map automatically reverse geocoded to show the address.

  • Track my location while walking/cycling and make a list of all interesting locations along the route. The tricky part here would be how often to make API calls.

  • Read out descriptions of interesting locations when I'm close to one.

Do you have any ideas to make it more fun/interesting?

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Ricardo Rivera • Edited

Hey, what is about Gamification ?
I like the Idea behinde that it could be inspiring ;)

I think you deliver „Location based Content“, wrap this content with a little Story to make it a Bit more sexy ;)

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Hrishi Mittal

Hah that’s a brilliant idea, thanks!

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Here's a very detailed article on the best React Native project ideas that you can build to improve your coding skills & portfolio. The suggested features are of a gradual level of difficulty, so it's up to you how deep you want to go with a given app idea.