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Hrishi Mittal
Hrishi Mittal

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Learn to make and sell

Making and selling are the two most valuable skills you can master this year.

And I mean making and selling in the broadest terms.

As a developer, making comes naturally to you. But in addition to making software, I also mean making other things - music, stories, furniture, paintings.

As a developer, you might not be keen on selling. But I'm not talking about the cliched image of a used car salesman.

By selling, I mean presenting yourself well and convincing others to use your services or products.

For example, if you're looking for a new job this year. Or starting out as a freelancer. You will need to learn to sell yourself.

So, the new theme for my startup Learnetto this year is to help you learn to make and sell.

Look out for lots of great new content on both those topics.

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Happy new year!

PS Btw, are you interested in teaching? I'm looking for people to help me create new educational content (tutorials, videos, workshops) on Learnetto. Email me at and tell me what you can teach. If you have any examples, then please include some links to your work.

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