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State of Remote Work 2021 (Survey)

2020 is the year everyone got a taste of remote working & many transitioned to remote permanently!

I am super keen to uncover the long-term impact & trends. For that, I would love your help by filling a 2-min survey: State of Remote Work 2021

Here are some insights from my 2020 report (survey of 331 remote workers):

1) Remote workers don't intend to get back to a co-located setting

2) Even with the growth in co-working spaces, remote workers choose to work from home

3) Dedicated slack channels for interests has been the easiest & best method to enhance team bonding

4) Companies are slowly recognising that having a 100% remote team is better than partially remote teams

You can also view the full report & my detailed analysis here: State of Remote Work 2020

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Arhire Ionut • Edited

The 2021 survey can be improved. For some questions, I would have answered something like "None" but that option wasn't even available. At the end it said that the email was optional but showed no button to progress till the end with an empty input ...

hrishikesh1990 profile image

Thanks for the feedback. Can you give me some examples where you would have marked 'None' as the option? I will try to incorporate it then.

About the email, that's weird because I personally tested it & many people have already filled the form without sharing their email.

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Arhire Ionut

Sorry. I don't have the time...