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Using the ropendata R Package to Access Petabytes of Free Internet Telemetry Data from Rapid7

I’ve got a post up over at $DAYJOB’s blog on using the ropendata🔗 package to access the ginormous and ever-increasing amount of internet telemetry (scan) data via the Rapid7 Open Data API.

It’s super-R-code-heavy but renders surprisingly well in Ghost (the blogging platform we use at work) and covers everything from where to sign up for an account, installing the package (it’s on CRAN!), enriching scan data with free geolocation databases and rgeolocate plus even shows how to cobble together some fairly intricate R + Rcpp code so you can decode gnarly, binary UDP responses from esoteric protocol exchanges.

Give it a look, grab the companion Rmd and drop any comments there or here if you have any questions, or reach out to

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