RSwitch 1.5.1 Released

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An RSwitch user, lcolladotor filed a most-welcome issue letting me know that the core functionality of the switcher was busted 😱. After testing out the 1.5.1 release candidate I had made a “harmless” & “clever” change to reduce some redundancy in the code that handled with switching which resulted in busted symbolic link creation. Tis fixed, now.

To somewhat make amends for said error James Balamuta’s excellent “R Compiler Tools for Rcpp on macOS” resource (https://thecoatlessprofessor.com/programming/cpp/r-compiler-tools-for-rcpp-on-macos/) as been added to the available web resources links.

I’ve also setup a mailing list for RSwitch over at sourcehut where you can signup directly w/a (free) sourcehut account (signup by just email) and see archives. The RSwitch menu has a new link to the mailing list.

There’s also a new blog category for RSwitch which has it’s own RSS feed (https://rud.is/b/category/rswitch/feed/) to make it easier to keep up with RSwitch-only updates.

“Check for updates” will get you to the new release or you can grab it directly from the RSwitch site.

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