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Why write code

Chances are you've heard about programming in some form by now, I mean it would be pretty hard not to. From hackers in movies to those people making tons of cash in silicon valley.

If you are reading this maybe the title grabbed your attention or maybe you need a reason to take the leap. I wont lie to you its not an easy journey since I began its been an up hill battle. The learning never ends and the looming thought that you may be an idiot is ever present but there is a silver lining .

The best and arguably worst part of writing code is the fact that you are constantly learning new incredible things and being challenged mentally, I promise the feeling after doing something that takes an abundant amount of effort feels way better than completing something that was easy.

I recently began my journey this year. I decided to go with a coding bootcamp to give me a good structure to begin my learning adventure. My time in the program is almost over but I'll have new skills and techniques to learn for a lifetime. Writing code for me has been stressful, hard, I feel dumber everyday and it's scary imposter syndrome is very real. But all those things are why I love it, I'm always thinking about how can I get better and smarter if nothing is challenging me. I never just want to be content there is always something to strive towards.

So why write code, I honestly cant really say but if you enjoy problem solving, coffee, late nights, the monetary benefits and the expanding scope of the profession. It is a very dynamic field there are a variety of jobs available and its adaptable to the many needs and demands of the market. Software engineers can become engineers in a wide variety of ways from bootcamps to college degrees or even the self taught route, each has there challenges but in the end you will discover an amazing community of incredible people who's intelligence and humor will make it all worth it.

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