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Resolve “TailwindCSS Not Working in React-TypeScript Project with Vite” In Two Minutes!

Developers may face issues configuring Tailwind CSS in React projects built with TypeScript and Vite. These challenges can result in styles not being applied as expected, very FRUSTRATING!

Well, I was stuck too. Let’s explore a quick and effective way to start a React project with TypeScript and Tailwind CSS.

I tried many solutions online yet I could not find a suitable solution for my existing project.

To overcome these hurdles, follow these straightforward steps provided in the official Tailwind CSS documentation ( except for the first command) tailored for Vite React projects.

Step 1: Create a New File

Begin by creating a new file in your project. This file will serve as the entry point for Tailwind CSS configuration.

Step 2: Add react-ts to the Command

Refer to the official Tailwind CSS documentation for Vite and React projects. Make sure to navigate to the section specific to Vite. For TypeScript support, use the following command instead of the given command.

npm create vite@latest my-project --template react-ts // add -ts
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This command initializes a new Vite project with the React-TS template, laying the foundation for a smooth integration with Tailwind CSS.

Step 3: Follow Remaining Documentation

Continue following the remaining steps outlined in the official Tailwind CSS documentation. These steps typically include installing dependencies, configuring your PostCSS and Tailwind CSS settings, and importing styles into your project.

Well, there you have it! Empower your React-TS development journey by implementing these solutions, and enjoy the seamless synergy between #React, #TypeScript, #Vite, and #TailwindCSS. Happy coding!

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