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500 open-source components for TailwindCSS

TW components

I'd like to share my latest discovery with you.
TW Elements is currently, the most popular 3rd party UI kit for TailwindCSS with over 10k Github stars. GitHub Repo stars It's a huge collection of stunning components made with attention to the smallest detail. Forms, cards, buttons, and hundreds of others. All components have dark mode and very intuitive theming options. The project is supported by an engaged community on GitHub, I recommend you check it out and join one of the many discussions.

You will find installation instructions here, and you can track the progress of the project live here.

The project was kickstarted by @MDBootstrap, a group of open-source developers behind MDB UI Kit - a high-quality UI kit for Bootstrap, and also behind MDB GO - hosting and deployment platform.

I highly recommend you to check it out!

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