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What are fun projects to do when you're feeling exhausted?

I've been struggling a lot to find the energy to do personal projects since I started my first programming job. I like my job, and I'm learning a lot, but when I'm done with work I feel so exhausted that I don't have any brain power left to do personal projects. The pandemic of course doesn't help with the exhaustion either. Everything takes a lot more effort than it normally does, and it's all I can do to do basic tasks.

Do you have any advice for doing personal projects when you're feeling burnt out and exhausted?

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Kyle Hoskins

Sometimes the best project is “no project.”

You’ve found the basic test for personal projects: “Does it excite me enough to work on it when I’m tired?”

If not, does it excite the people who use it?

My personal philosophy has been to move on or put it on pause if:
1) I’m not excited about it
2) Others (who need my help to build it) are not excited about it

After a few days/weeks/months, you may miss it and become excited again!

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That's a really good perspective to have!

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Luciano Jung

In my opinion you totally have to start new or continue already started projects but not Infront of the Pc. I recommend practicing a hobby (like a project) where you have fun and can be excited about the whole day until you finished work and can do it.

For example:

  • learning a (new) instrument
  • practicing a (new) sport
  • doing other creative stuff like cooking, writing, painting ...

You get the point. But don't make the mistake and sit infront of electronic devices more than like 10h a day (including work) ;)

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That is extremely sane advice, thank you.