Which unit testing framework do you use?

hilaberger92 profile image Hila Berger ・1 min read

My team and I started unit testing recently and we're looking for a good framework for C/C#/C++.
I am curious to know: do you perform unit testing? if so, which unit testing framework do you use and why?


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It's been a couple of years since I did any C#, but Fluent Assertions is a great assertion framework. And for unit tests I believe it was still NUnit we were using.

You can also do some neat things with the Roslyn compiler in terms of validating things in tests, e.g. .configureAwait(false) for async/await. Been a while though, so a little fuzzy in my head... 😉


We are using NUnit at the moment and considering porting to xUnit.
As for mock frameworks, we use Moq on our current project, and for our legacy code, we used Typemock.

Haven't done much C/C++ lately but I recall that googletest was our tool of choice.


Minunit. Simple and gets the job done.