Mocking frameworks for C/C++ on Linux

hilaberger92 profile image Hila Berger Updated on ・1 min read

My team and I started working with mocking for C and C++ on Windows a few months ago, and we were using Typemock's Isolator++.
Now we decided to start working on Linux. Typemock recently released Isolator++ for Linux, so we naturally started working with it.
My question is: does anyone use Isolator++ for Linux and can tell me a little about the experience? if not, which mocking frameworks do you use on Linux?


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I think the question is if there's a difference between both products or are they the same, just cross-platform?
If it's the former then try finding the differences and see if that suits your needs.
If it's the latter, then you have your experience with the Windows version to help you decide.



Thanks Mark!
The products are pretty much the same. So far our experience with Isolator++ on Linux is great :)