SOLVED:Modules not found on django migrations

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I was making migrations on my django project when I encountered 2 modules not found; crispy_forms & storages.

My pip list is :

Package             Version
------------------- --------
boto3               1.9.159
botocore            1.12.159
certifi             2019.3.9
chardet             3.0.4
dj-database-url     0.5.0
Django              2.2.1
django-crispy-forms 1.7.2
django-heroku       0.3.1
django-storages     1.7.1
docutils            0.14
gunicorn            19.9.0
idna                2.8
jmespath            0.9.4
Markdown            3.1.1
martor              1.4.0
Pillow              6.0.0
pip                 19.1.1
psycopg2            2.8.2
python-dateutil     2.8.0
pytz                2019.1
requests            2.22.0
s3transfer          0.2.0
setuptools          41.0.1
six                 1.12.0
sqlparse            0.3.0
urllib3             1.25.3
wheel               0.33.4
whitenoise          4.1.2

and the installed apps on my settings are


When I try to migrate on heroku's bash I get:

psycopg2.errors.DuplicateTable: relation "blog_about" already exists

Anyone familiar with this?


Re-installed crispy_forms at django storages

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