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If getting married is forever..

Vicente G. Reyes
Backend Developer @ Eden Life Care | ICVN Tech Studio | Building |
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Does that mean there's a wifetime guarantee?

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KiraJW • Edited

I think that marriage is forever, but it's not for everyone and no one gives guarantees. I took relationships and marriage very seriously, and now I don't know what to think, and you'll see why. My husband and I were supposed to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary next year, but I had to cancel it because my husband filed for divorce. I still can't come to my senses and I don't know the reason for this action, because I thought that everything was fine with us. And you will not believe it, but I still love him and don't know how to continue to live without him. So I found the marriage professor's blog, because I can't imagine life without my husband and I need professional help to find the strength to move on. If you are interested, you can click here . This may be useful to some of you.

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