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The Y2K era! It would be fun to see devs expecting a worldwide crash on systems and laugh about it when nothing happened. lol


Loads of people did work to make sure it was ok too.

But yes. One washing machine turned off.I have a sticker somewhere.


Y2K was fun: I got $1000 just to be on available in case something blew up (and would have gotten double-time had they actually had to call me). Nothing blew up and I got to pocket the $1000 for doing nothing other than staying sober.


The saying then should be "I'm not partying like it's 1999".

I actually worked that night out our California datacenter. Had arrived a few days early as part of a trip to use the first weeks of January to train staff on (OS-level) clustering technology. Knowing the $1000 was "in the mail" made it a fun trip.


You can see that again in roughly 19 years. The issue caused by the rollover of the 32-bit UNIX time era will however probably not be something that just gets laughed off afterwards. Unlike Y2K, much of the affected code is running in places that quite simply can't be updated even if people wanted to fix them.


just to be clear on that one, it wasn't that nothing happened, it was that a ton of IT staff all over the world (including my dad) had a mad rush to patch critical systems to prevent the bug

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