New Challenge: Fullstacking with React Native

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fullstacking (13 Part Series)

1) New Challenge: Fullstacking with React Native 2) Fullstacking: Setting up MongoDB 3 ... 11 3) Fullstacking: Setting up React Native 4) Fullstacking: Setting up NodeJS + KoaJS 5) Fullstacking: Connecting NodeJS ↔ MongoDB 6) Fullstacking: GraphQL ↔ KoaJS 7) Fullstacking: Restructuring the project 8) Fullstacking: Relay + GraphQL 9) Fullstacking: Creating the app 10) Fullstacking: Users + Login/Register 11) FullStacking: Pagination + DataLoader 12) Fullstacking: Final Styling 13) FullStacking: Conclusion

So, I really want to work at @fotoncompany and accepted a challenging challenge to make an application using full-stack skills.

I've participated in an acceleration program at @codenation and learned Golang + ReactJS as well as Redux, Git, testing and team development. However for this project I'll need to know several other tools and technologies such as React-Native (at least it's pretty similar to React, right?), KoaJS, MongoDB and more stuff I yet have to find out I'll use.

I'll also have to set up a developing environment for Android (it seems I kinda need iPhone and/or Mac to develop to iOS, but that's details)

While learning all these interesting topics, I'll share my difficulties and some step-by-step instructions on how to beat them.

Stay tuned!

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